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Thanks for the memories, 2012. :)

I’m not one to write yearly introspective posts. I frankly don’t have the time, but when I do, I try to forget about all the shitty things that happened.

Thankfully, this year was a bit different. It was actually pretty good! More self-discovery. Lots of new meaningful relationships with people both in Houston, down under, and across the pond who *want* to be my friend and actually give a damn about me. Getting closer to my awesome friends who are sadly scattered far away from me. Dumping toxic, emotionally draining assholes who fell under the pretense of family/friends/good acquaintances. Less misanthropy (okay, maybe not).

2012, you were surprisingly enjoyable!

Things that made me happy this year (in no particular order): GO.

I bought a house! I love living in a house. Although I had the best landlord ever with the best Houston Montrose rent EVER ($585 including gas, water, and trash), I was so over the non-deliberate noise from my neighbors. Honestly, it got intolerable, especially with the dogs barking ALL THE TIME. I bought an old house that came with a beautiful antique tub (albeit poorly refinished prior to my purchase and stained thanks to my affinity for baths). And I started taking baths multiple times a week again.

I’ve experimented and tried a lot of diets; the Whole30 is the most sound to me. I had the results to show, and I can truthfully say that I never felt better. Unfortunately, with all the traveling and holiday eating, things kind of went downhill. I want to feel better, and I want to look better. So I’ll be repeating this come 01/01 with Nic!

I’ve heard of this before, but until I actually had some coconut butter, I didn’t know what life actually was. This is orgasm in a jar. Yeah, totally dramatic, but I have never tasted an ingredient as pure and fragrant as this. My toes curl in joy when I eat this out of the jar with a spoon. Ahhh, bliss.

Swamplot was the best new-to-me blog of 2012. Although a Houston real estate blog, it’s cleverly written, and the commenters are a huge plus. I learned so much more about the city I grew up in but never got to know very well. Swamplot filled my days with so many laughs, and the posts became a highlight of my day. Yours truly has a few comments featured in the Best of 2012 Swampies, woo! ;D My username shouldn’t be too hard to decipher…

Trader Joe’s opening up in Houston this year was a lifesaver. High-quality products with a low price tag? YES PLEASE. I know TJ’s doesn’t have as much as Whole Foods, but that’s totally okay with me. Affordable and (sometimes) organic produce and dry goods like spices for a fraction of what I usually spend? If I could, I would kiss TJ’s on the lips. Plus, TJ’s HAS THE BEST “GOURMET” JUNK FOOD. Not like I should/can eat that moving forward… (Goodbye, seasonal dark chocolate sea salt caramels; you’ll be sorely missed.)

Mumford + Sons Babel; Of Monsters and Men My Head is an Animal
These two records were my absolute favorite from 2012. I listened to them nonstop. Flawless. Guess what I’ve been listening to as I typed this…? :)

I had my eyebrows permanently filled in by Connie Pearson of Permetika Cosmetics. I bought a Groupon (yeah, I KNOW, but this one worked out!) and had my brows done. :) Connie is seriously the best. She does excellent, beautiful work and ensures that her working environment is completely clean. My brows here were immediately after the procedure – pardon my greasy mug, but they lightened during the healing process. I love them. LOVE THEM. I don’t have to spend time in the morning trying to fill in my brows evenly; nor am I concerned about wiping half of my brows away when pouring sweat. No regrets. Knowing what I know now, I would be more than willing to pay Connie full-price to do my brows.

Photo from my sister’s Facebook account.
Growing closer to my sister but our relationship is hopelessly volatile. However, I really enjoyed writing her letters and sending packages to her while she was deployed, and I looked forward to her responses and replies. I felt like we really got close; I’d email or call her first about things going on, heartaches, etc. I’d like to think that things can maybe change, but due to differences in personality, this seems virtually impossible. I made a wish at one of the lava pools with a coin I found hoping that things would work out. Maybe one day.

And last, but not least, perhaps the absolute #1 highlight of my year…
My beloved Ashlin who lets me shower his little head with kisses and is a topnotch heating device. Without him, I’d be an absolute mess.

Happy New Year! May 2013 be filled with joy, prosperity, and happiness to you and your loved ones.